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Why Individualized Yoga?


Individualized yoga instruction is for anybody seeking a more private and personal learning experience. Whether you’re brand new to yoga or have been practicing for years and are looking for new inspiration, Two River Yoga will tailor your private yoga sessions to you and your body.

Yoga classes are very popular and large and small studios are everywhere, but many people may not wish to practice in a group setting, and sometimes the local yoga studio schedule doesn’t align with yours. A personalized session at home is a great alternative for stay-at-home parents, those with home businesses, and couples or even entire families who want to practice together.

Also, although a yoga community can be a wonderful thing, some days we need time and and space away from others, particularly at stressful times or during transitional periods of life. For children and teens, extra attention can be important; they may need a teacher who’s there just for them.

In a private session, poses and breathing exercises can be chosen specifically for you. No experience is needed to begin practicing yoga, and Two River Yoga has no age restrictions.

If you choose to receive personalized yoga classes in your home, Two River Yoga can fit your schedule and design a session that’s just for you.