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Body of Writing

BodyofWriting Art

Explore your writing. Explore your body. Receive the benefits of connecting the two.

Our bodies hold our stories, and Body of Writing sessions offer a variety of inspirational writing exercises and simple yoga postures as well as meditation and visualization techniques to assist participants in accessing those stories. No previous experience with yoga or creative writing is necessary.

Body of Writing adds an additional element to the the traditional body, mind, spirit practice of yoga: story.

“Mimi Cross’s Body of Writing class helped me in so many ways. After being blocked for many years, her class inspired me to begin a daily writing practice.  Less than a year later I signed a contract to ghostwrite a YA Trilogy for a well-known non-fiction author. I credit Mimi’s techniques with releasing my creativity!” – Heather Lennon

At Two River Yoga participants can choose to experience the Body of Writing series over the course of twelve 90 minutes sessions, or participate in a single 90 minute session to provide inspiration and boost creativity, not just for writing, but for any artistic endeavor.

Body of Writing has had success as a weekly series, a pop up class, a half-day intensive, and a full day workshop, as well as a weekend workshop. Bow has been held at writing conferences, yoga studios, hospitals, private homes, and bookshops.

Body of Writing: body, mind, spirit, & story.