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This is the TRY blog.

But not really.

Because I’d rather be on the mat, teaching or doing yoga, than writing blog posts about yoga. I’d rather be writing novels or songs.

Also, there are so many wonderful yoga blogs out there! I don’t feel the need for another.

Once in a while I’ll post a random photo or a few thoughts here, and I hope that works for you. Thanks for letting me off the hook.

And for being so understanding, I give you this: Me, on the streets of Rishikesh, talking to a cow.


I love this picture because it reminds me of the way India stunned me. Everything was so different, I felt like an absolute beginner.

Being a beginner is the best. When you’re a Beginner, what you know—is that you don’t know. This puts you in the wonderful position of the student. The learner.

Beginners don’t have as many expectations. They’re more open. Open to ideas, to experience, to people. To cows.

When I went to India I thought I’d do a lot of yoga, and I did. Only most of my yoga practice wasn’t done with a teacher in a formal session, like the one I went to in the foothills of the Himalayas. Instead, the whole trip was a series of postures, like every trip is. Like every day is. We all practice all kinds of poses every day.

I can assist you with some of the hard to hold postures, and the easy ones. Sometimes, it’s the easier things that are the most difficult . . . But yoga can bring new energy to the more mundane tasks in life, can help reveal the hidden joys in the simplest moments. The joy of the beginner.


Yoga To Go!

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I’ve closed the lovely Two River Yoga space in Fair Haven but I’m still teaching yoga and will be happy to come to you. To arrange a session, send a message through the Two River Yoga Facebook page or send an email to...

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Yoga and the HSP

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  The HSP is a highly sensitive person. I researched this type of person for a story I was working on, and found that I identified. Artists, musicians—people sensitive to color, and sound. To details. Are they HSPs? Are you? Practicing yoga improves the senses. Does that make yoga practitioners HSPs?  ...

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Portable Postures

Posted by on Dec 3, 2014 in Alternative Medicine, Fair Haven, Health, Meditation, Mimi Cross, NJ, Two River Yoga, Yoga | 0 comments

Mudras are yoga postures for your hands. I love this book by Gertrud Hirschi, and have a copy here at Two River Yoga. Mudras are super handy. (Sorry, I had to!) Practice them where and when you...

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